Migrate Plesk to ClamAV

Recently a client wanted a free alternative to Plesk’s DrWeb, I went with ClamAV.
Here’s what I did to migrate the system from DrWeb to ClamAV.


1. Firstly lets remove DrWeb properly:


2. Now we can install ClamAV:

3. Edit /etc/clamav/clamav-milter.conf and set:


4. Now edit /etc/postfix/main.cf and add:

Where 12768 = psa-remote, 12345 = OpenDKIM, 3381 = ClamAV.

5. Now we need to restart postfix, clamav-milter and send a test mail and check for these headers..

Your mail should now be scanned by both Spamassasin and ClamAV.
If you are missing the Scanned by header check the file…/etc/clamsmtpd.conf, for

And uncomment it.


6. ClamAV Freshclam, can be set up in several ways, I find it best to use cron for an hourly update.
To configure freshclam run…

And select cron instead of daemon.

7. You should have a default cron job for freshclam in /etc/cron.d/clamav-freshclam, should you wish to manage the task in Plesk or crontab you should disable first by commenting it out, you can then add the task to crontab like so…

8. Now restart freshclam with

And you should be good.
Any questions feel free to contact me.