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Secure Redirects in Plesk

More and more sites are only available via https, now with the Let’s Encrypt extension available in Plesk 12.5 it’s even easier to make your site secure. As such I thought it would be a good time to write this guide.

This guide assumes…

    • You have already setup your SSL Certificate in Plesk for your domain,
    • You are using Apache (FastCGI or FPM) and Nginx is serving static files,
    • You want your site to be https only, redirecting all http requests to https
    • You have set preferred domain in Plesk to www.domain.tld


I’ll start with Apache, browse to your domain in Plesk and click on Additional Apache & Nginx settings. under Additional directives for HTTP use this redirect..

And Additional directives for HTTPS…

If you use Plesk’s built in SEO Safe redirect (preferred domain) from domain.tld to www.domain.tld, you will need to turn this off and add the following in the Additional HTTPS directives…


Now onto the Nginx directives…

Notice I’m using $scheme rather than the more common $host, as using the $host rewrite affected ssllabs scores in that domain.tld and www.domain.tld would score differently after adding HPKP and HSTS headers in Apache.

I hope that helps someone.

Updated to reflect changes at: https://hstspreload.org/