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Online Certificate Status Protocol

Add OCSP to Plesk Panel

Here’s a guide on adding OCSP to your Plesk 11.5.30 or Plesk 12.0.18 Panel.
Firstly you need to create a file containing both your intermediate and CA certificate, lets call it domainCA.pem.
create the folder…

and upload domainCA.pem to it.

Now create a file called ocsp.inc in

and add the following nginx directives to it…

Next you need to add an include statement for ocsp.inc in the plesk.conf file…

Like so…

With the other include directives.

And restart the Plesk server with

You now have OCSP on your Plesk Panel.

You can also add these directives on a per domain basis in the Plesk Panel under

Plesk -> Domains -> yourdomain.tld -> Apache & Nginx Settings -> Additional nginx directives